L-188 air tanker makes emergency wheels-up landing

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The four people on board walked away

air tanker l-188 wheels up landing red deer alberta
Tanker 490, an L-188, made an emergency landing June 22, 2019 at Red Deer Regional Airport when it had problems with the landing gear. Screenshot from the video below just before it touched down on the runway.

(This article was first published at Fire Aviation)

One of Air Spray’s four-engine L-188 Electras had a problem with its landing gear June 22 and had to make an emergency wheels-up landing at Red Deer Regional Airport in Alberta.

Red Deer News Now reported that according to Graham Ingham, CEO at the airport, the incident happened around 12:20 p.m.

“We had an Air Spray air tanker, an Electra-type aircraft, perform an emergency landing due to the fact it couldn’t get its main landing gear down. After a couple of attempts, they decided that it would be safer to do a wheels up landing, and subsequently they did. Thankfully they came to a complete stop. There were no injuries, no fire and it was the best outcome for everyone.”

Mr. Ingham said two pilots and two other people on board walked away from Air Tanker 490 without any injuries.

The video below shows what looks like an excellent landing, considering the circumstances.

air tanker 490 landing gear Red Deer Airport
Air Tanker 490 had a problem with the landing gear at Red Deer Airport, June 22, 2019 and had to make an emergency landing. Photo courtesy of Red Deer Airport.
Air tanker 481 Lockheed Electra L188
File photo of another Air Spray L-188, Air Tanker 481, at McClellan, March 12, 2018. Photo by Bill Gabbert.

The cause of the landing gear problem has not been released.

Other firefighting aircraft have had landing gear problems:

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7 thoughts on “L-188 air tanker makes emergency wheels-up landing”

  1. Wow! Here’s hoping they figure out how to prevent that, but meanwhile kudos to the crew for staying calm and making it work! Heroes!

  2. Do they still put foam down like they’ve shown in the movies? They are heroes, all who fly these planes!!!!

  3. Putting foam down is next t typical in today’s operations it was applied to reduce the potential of sparks from fuselage igniting any fuel leaking from the aircraft. The foam was believed by the public put down to cushion the aircraft, not a factor at all. The foam used was protein based (liquid from meat processing plants meaning blood ) and salts tasted terrible if you invested any!

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