Smoke forecast, August 11, 2021

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Smoke Forecast for 6 p.m. PDT Aug 11, 2021
Smoke Forecast for 6 p.m. PDT Aug 11, 2021.

Above is the forecast for the distribution of smoke from wildfires at 6 p.m. PDT August 11, 2021.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

5 thoughts on “Smoke forecast, August 11, 2021”

  1. Hi Bill,

    As I look at the Map of the Smoke Forecast over the North American continent I have a question. Is the major factor involved the JET STREAM? If it is, I ask you and readers: Where does it seem to END? And I ask: Is this NORMAL for this time of the YEAR?

    And I ask you and others to ponder possible answers to my questions.

    Have a good day, Jerry

  2. Is it normal for the Jet Stream to be all the way up in Canada this time of year? Yes.

    There’s a very small part of it in the northern edge of North Dakota, but that’s it.

    Stop your baseless fearmongering, it’s uncouth.

  3. Hi MF,

    Why did you write: “Stop your baseless fearmongering, it’s uncouth.”???

    I asked two questions: “Where does it seem to END? And I ask: Is this NORMAL for this time of the YEAR?” Neither of which you seem to have answered. I study the data of Atmospheric Soundings which might be considered common in the USA and Canada. We have only only extensively studied Jet Streams since the end of WWII. And we know they have a profound influence upon the Weather Beneath them. But I have seldom read that Jet Streams might have a beginning and an end. I have to wait for a couple more future sounding to confirm that the Jet Stream which can be seen from space because of the Smoke of wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington, BC, etc. actually end over Hudson Bay.

    And maybe this observable data will help us better understand atmospheric circulation and weather.

    So thank you for your comment but it demonstrates the problem that REAL SCIENTISTS face in today’s world.

    Have a good day, Jerry

  4. MF – Jerry asked a perfectly reasonable question and his follow up statement showed none of what you indicate. Perhaps you should be less uncouth yourself and more transparent in the agenda you are trying to drive with your excessive and out of touch response and accusations.

  5. The solution is more logging!
    Better forest management!
    All of the waste of good trees burnt up in these forest fires is despicable!
    I feel like I’m living in the movie Idiocracy.

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