Wildfire smoke and air quality maps, August 19, 2021

Forecast for vertically integrated smoke
Forecast for vertically integrated smoke at 10 p.m. PDT Aug. 19, 2021.

Smoke from wildfires will have serious impacts Thursday in California, Washington, and eastern Canada. The smoke forecast for 10 p.m. PDT is above.

The map below depicts the air quality at 7:26 a.m. PDT Aug. 19, 2021, by AirNow.

Air quality: ozone, PM2.5, & PM10
Air quality: ozone, PM2.5, & PM10 at 7:26 a.m. PDT Aug. 19, 2021. AirNow.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

7 thoughts on “Wildfire smoke and air quality maps, August 19, 2021”

  1. Bill,

    As a recovering Southern Baptist / Presbyterian for over 50 years now, I will say that most of us have empathy for the Firefighters on the line and in our kindred Spirits we strive for positive action out of the suffering and hardships.

    So, I offer the following.

    “We are a link in Amida’s (wisdom’s light) golden chain of love that stretches around the world, we will keep our link bright and strong. We will be kind and gentle to every living thing and protect all who are weaker than ourselves. We will think pure and beautiful thoughts, say pure and beautiful words, and do pure and beautiful deeds.

    May every link in Amida’s chain of love be bright and strong, and may we all attain perfect peace.” – Buddha

  2. Thank you Mr. Gabbert for everything you’ve done and are doing to help your fellow man. There’s a lot of Americans that still stand by and back ALL of our first responders. Unfortunately, the media wants ratings and therefore it focuses on the negativity in people which is a breading ground for hatred. Most of us would be at a loss without our first responders regardless of which venue they serve in. Firefighters, Police, Nurses, EMTs, Dr.s, Volunteers etc… I was born in California and still love my home state. I have not lived there for many years and now live in Arkansas and can honestly tell you that people back here are praying for ALL the first responders. Every Sunday at church we pray for everyone in California. We do pray for rains to put out the fires and we do pray that it won’t be too much because there’s nothing to hold the waters back and flooding can occur . We pray all the firefighters etc.. make it home safely to their loved ones and to keep them safe and shield them from harm. America is praying for ALL of you. Regardless of what the media portrays, we do care about you and worry every time there’s a fire and continue to worry until the fires are out. May God show mercy and Bless Cali with light rains for the fires, also strength and healing for the first responders, Amen

  3. This letter of appreciation to Bill Gabbert is so beautifully written, and Mr. Gabbert you are very much appreciated by many, many more. Thank you Dear Lady for writing this letter, and thank you Mr. Gabbert for all of your efforts to keep the public informed. I hope everyone is turning their prayers toward help from God to put out these fires and to keep everyone involved in fighting them safe from harm.

  4. Thank you for keeping us safe we will keep on praying for everyone and you may God stay with us all thank you Jesus amen we claim it


    Thank you very much for faithfully upgrading America on the fires that have been extremely destructive, depressing our society year in, year out. To read your reports and see photos of actual fires, maps, predictions, etc. has truly been a learning situation for me.

    Whether fires are maliciously started by evil-minded people or because of drought or whatever, I just wish that our society, whether we are affected by them or not, would take time to reflect on these things:
    > Have people prayed that God will send us rain that would just be enough to quench the fires but not to cause flooding and landslides? He is most powerful over all the earth! And yet, we try to get Him out of our lives, thinking that we are powerful!
    > Do people appreciate firefighters/first responders that we offer them a drink of cold water or a sandwich or a cookie to revive them physically and emotionally? To give them some shelter when they need to take a break from their exhaustion, from the heat? To maintain their courage to fight off those fires, to maintain their enthusiasm because they know that they are appreciated?
    > To put aside our self-centeredness(ideologies, political stands, biases and prejudices)
    for the sake of America? In trying to destroy one another, we really really are destroying ourselves more than anybody else!

    O, I can go on and on but knowing that this is being read by people who are old enough to be good and caring instead of being hateful, revengeful -and to be wise enough to be of help to one another, accepting of one another. I grew up thinking that our nation, our people are the role models for honesty, kindness, leadership abilities, health practices, financial management, etc. but I am not disappointed. I just wish that everyone would read the Bible, compare it with study of history and science -both of which support it’s authenticity!

    Thank you, Mr. Gabbert, for all the information you try to share everyday – you are one great blessing to our society! You are serving humanity just like firefighters, first responders, nurses, doctors, law enforcers, etc., etc.

    I’m sorry that I could no longer do so much even if I am a retired RN because I m in my early eighties – but I can pray and depend on God’s will!

    Right now I am praying for Bobbi and Bill, Karen and Doug and Jandi and all their families who are all residing near the Dixie Fire( in Placerville, Roseville and Diamond Springs). And I am praying for you, too, Mr. Gabbert, that you would be safe wherever you are working from! God bless us all!


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