Wildfire east of Panama City, FL prompts evacuations

Map Adkins Avenue Fire, Florida March 4, 2022
Map of Adkins Avenue Fire March 4, 2022.

A fire on the east side of Panama City, Florida prompted the evacuation of about 600 homes, according to the Florida Forest Service (FFS). As of Friday evening the Adkins Avenue Fire had burned 1,400 acres in Bay County between U.S. 231 and Tram Road, west of North Star Avenue. The blaze is fueled by vegetation that was affected by Hurricane Michael in 2018.

Friday night the FFS reported that two structures have been destroyed and another 12 were damaged.

Helicopter drops water Adkins Avenue Fire
Helicopter drops water on the Adkins Avenue Fire. Photo: Bay County Emergency Services.

At least 200 personnel are committed to the fire including 12 tractor plows and multiple helicopters along with fire personnel from local and county departments.

Red Flag Warnings, March 5, 2022
Red Flag Warnings, March 5, 2022. NWS.

The area is under a Red Flag Warning until Saturday evening for 10 to 15 mph southeast winds gusting to 25 mph with relative humidity of 25 to 45 percent.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

16 thoughts on “Wildfire east of Panama City, FL prompts evacuations”

  1. Thank you for your great reporting and knowledge sharing! Just praying for safety for all the firefighters, both structure and wildland. They deserve unending praise!!

  2. I feel it’s valuable for people to see that wildfires don’t happen just in the West, tho because the West is in a long drought period we experience them much more. This fire is very much in an urban area, where fire wise defensible space would be particularly important.

  3. That area has been Rx burned at least 3 times in the last 10 years so, therefor, it should be impossible for there to be a high intensity wildfire. Right? 🤣

    1. Hurricane debris–fallen trees–from Hurricane Michael have been rotting on the ground for nearly four years. The entire area is ripe for this.

    2. Nothing is impossible if the weather gives the fire a through ticket. If the weather says go and there is fuel, fine fuel, heavy fuel, whatever, its all just waiting on a start.

  4. Clearly DeSantis isn’t managing his forests properly. All those dry leaves and pine needles could have been raked up prior to the fire.
    We need to cut their funding as they are not using it properly.

    1. Maybe when the jury comes in and the verdict is community service, the former can head up the team to start the raking process. Everyone knows he’s the “expert” at everything…

  5. I wonder if Governor Newsome rakes up dry leaves and pine needles in California. Apparently he hasn’t been to Florida to view the devastation from hurricane Michael.

  6. Steve is right on track.
    But we need to look at the whole picture. this fire is within the scope of wildland/urban interface and protecting homes and fire extinguishment should be done simultaneously. with the vast amount of resource’s here in Florida and a state wide response plan for such this fire; why isn’t it being utilized to it’s full potential? good question.
    Protecting life and property is and should be of high importance. Structural protection needs to be put into place within those communities that are still threatened especially if there is good defensible space and an adequate water supply. Training and resources could be beneficial in saving and stopping the fire within those area’s.
    To my brothers and sisters in the panhandle stay safe.

  7. Why isn’t Ronny Desantis managing his forests down there in Americas Appendix? He should’ve raked and this would’nt be happening!

  8. I was through that area on interstate 10 several times after Hurricane Michael. One time they had the road blocked while removing fallen trees from the highway. The downed trees were everywhere. They were laying over like Dominos. I am sure the forests in the area looked the same. There is no way you could do a control burn, much less “rake up the leaves and pine needles.”I think Newsom needs to take care of California. We don’t need him in Florida!

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