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  1. Thank you Bill for your coverage! This is the first time my husband has been out and it really is helping me with him being gone. i am gratefull to know what is going on and know the newest info is available for me.

  2. Your photography is extraordinary. I hate to say but some of the fire pictures are awesome. Have you thought about making posters out of them or posting them on stumble upon?

    I live in Colorado and am watching the fire by Pikes Peak as the smoke bellows upward. The ground crunches at my house on top of Palmer Divide. I know I am a long way from the fire, but I feel apprehensive and afraid. After seeing the map, with the States of Utah, Nevada and a whole lot of Colorado burning, my nerves are on edge. The road between Colorado Springs and Woodland Park where my daughter’s boyfriend can’t get to work….I am afraid of those people over on that side being able to “get out.” My daughter has several friends over there. What if their homes and works burn down? I feel helpless. The former Haymen fire is starting to grow a lot of aspen trees, but they aren’t very big yet. I am so worried. If I knew how to put a picture of the smoke on here I would. I did discover something on another site I found yesterday called It is a video of Ted or (can’t remember which), which showed how a fungus can help rejuvinate forests very quickly. I just found these sites yesterday, but the idea is such a good one, I thought I would pass it on. The kind of fungus (mushrooms) he talks about, seems really easy to grow. Anyway, hope this helps someone, as much as I appreciate both your site and theirs. Wow, I found both your sites in one 24-hour period so it must be meant to be.

    I am glad you started this site so that I can stay partly informed.

  3. Do you have any recommendations of the best roofing systems including a flammability ranking of each type of roofing to use in new construction in forest areas. We are about to build on 5 acres of thinned forest on a ridge over looking Flathead Lake.


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