Officials report 31 structures were destroyed in the Bond Fire in SoCal

The fire blackened 6,686 acres

Bond Fire Dec. 3, 2020
3-D map showing the perimeters of the Silverado and Bond Fires, looking west.

The spread of the 6,686-acre Bond Fire in Southern California east of Irvine has been stopped for several days but there are still two hand crews and 15 fire engines assigned. Officials report that 31 structures were destroyed and $14.4 million has been spent on suppression since it started December 3, 2020.

The fire burned very close to numerous homes in Silverado Canyon, as well as the Orange County/U.S. Forest Service fire station. Judging from the video below and the vegetation seen in the satellite photos, there may have been an interesting fire fight at the station.

Silverado Fire Station proximity to the Bond Fire
Silverado Fire Station proximity to the Bond Fire. 3-D image looking west. Fire Mapped Dec. 3, 2020. Satellite photo, May 2, 2019.
Silverado Fire Station
Silverado Fire Station, satellite photo May 2, 2019

Today Fire Photo Girl posted some excellent video she shot during the early hours of the fire.

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