Dozens killed in Algeria wildfires

2:26 p.m. EDT August 18 2022

Fires in Algeria, map
The red dots on the map represent heat detected on wildfires in Algeria. Satellite photo, August 17, 2022. The fires were creating a great deal of smoke when the photo was taken.

Wildfires in Northeast Algeria have killed at least 38 people according to reports by local journalists and the fire service. Most of the fatalities have occurred in the El Tarf province near Algeria’s border with Tunisia within about 20 miles of the Mediterranean Sea.

Officials said that 39 fires were spreading through parts of northern Algeria, and they warned that hot, dry winds could worsen the situation. Approximately 16 fires are near the city of El Tarf.

About 90 people are thought to have died in fires last year when more than 250,000 acres of forests burned.