Video shows photographer’s withdrawal while covering Cave Fire

FirePhotoGirl's dash cam video fire
Screenshot from FirePhotoGirl’s dash cam video before she turned around on Painted Cave Road. Used with her permission.

While reporting on the Cave Fire near Santa Barbara, California a fire photographer encountered a little more wildfire activity than she expected.

FirePhotoGirl is very active in coverage of fires and other emergency incidents, shooting footage for Southern California media as well as her twitter account, @FirePhotoGirl.

On November 25 just before midnight she was on the Cave Fire driving her vehicle down Painted Cave Road when she made what looks like a good decision to turn around. She described it like this when posting the dash cam video on YouTube:

Painted Cave – I was trying to go down and had to turn around. If you cant tell it was a little too warm. Do not try this or put yourself in harms way. This was very dangerous.

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The Cave Fire burned 4,330 acres northwest of Santa Barbara until rain and in the higher elevations, snow, stopped the spread November 27, 2019.

Excellent video footage of the Tenaja Fire by FirePhotoGirl

FirePhotoGirl video Tenaja Fire
Screengrab from FirePhotoGirl’s Tenaja Fire video.

FirePhotoGirl, a prolific and very skilled photojournalist, captured some excellent video footage of the Tenaja Fire which burned 2,000 acres at Murrieta in Southern California September 4 and 5. Check it out below; it is used here with her permission.

Bonus video below:

She sacrificed her equipment to get the video footage: