One of the best fire pictures of 2015

The report that the U.S. Forest Service wrote about last year’s fires in the Washington and Oregon reminded me of one of the best pictures of the fires in 2015 — the one you see above. The photo is at the beginning of the “Interactive Story Journal” which provides summary information from the main report.

We first used the photo on September 6, 2015 in an article with several other images by the photographer, Kari Greer. It was taken on the First Creek Fire on the west side of Lake Chelan in Washington and as you can see it shows a rising moon as the fire backs down the slopes.

We contacted Ms. Greer who told us it was taken above the Hale place in 25 Mile Creek on August 27 as the moon was coming up. The camera was on a tripod at about 9 p.m. with a 50mm focal length at 1/80 second.

HERE is a link to a larger version of Ms. Greer’s photo.

Unidentified smiling firefighter, identified

Nickie Cronauer
Nickie Cronauer, on the Idaho Magazine Facebook page. US Forest Service Photo. (click to see a larger version)

This photo was posted on the Idaho Magazine’s Facebook page on August 31, and on September 1 Nickie Cronauer identified herself. Another post where the photo appears has received almost 2,000 likes.

Thanks and a tip of the hat go out to Barbara.