Oklahoma firefighter hit by exploding bullets

A volunteer firefighter was hit by exploding ammunition while fighting a wildfire near Guthrie, Oklahoma which had spread to a structure. Frank Megow is an Army and Marine Corp veteran, but probably didn’t expect to be hit by bullets while fighting a fire.

Below is an excerpt from an article at KOCO.com:

…“Rate of spread went to a full run, started hitting aerial fuels, we got overran by the fire, trucks got engulfed,” [Mr. Megow] told KOCO 5’s Kim Passoth.

Minutes before the fire overtook the home, Megow and his men from the Washington Volunteer Fire Department tried to save it, unaware of the hidden danger inside.
“Landowner that owns the house, he has five to six hand guns,” said a man who lived in [John] Trimberger’s home.

The fire’s heat started exploding the ammunition. “As we went to make entry in the structure that’s when the ammunition started cooking off,” said Megow. “I took two to the chest and one to the head,” he added…

Megow was hit by shrapnel. “Bullets, when they explode, it’s energy going both directions so that’s what pretty much saved me but I took a couple of hits,” Megow said.

Mr. Megow was eventually transported in an ambulance.

More information about the wildfire near Guthrie, Oklahoma.