Northern Michigan University to offer minor in wildland firefighting

Northern Michigan UniversityIt is extremely rare to find a university that offers any kind of degree in wildland firefighting. But beginning in the fall of 2013, Northern Michigan University will be offering a minor in the subject. We have information that in the future it may include an Occupational Certificate program (pending approval by the Federal government).

Here is an excerpt from the University’s web site:


Wildland Firefighting Minor Fall 2013 NEW!

The minor consists of 23 credits with both classroom and hands on training in the field. The courses are taught by experienced Wildland Firefighters and provide certification through the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. Interested? Contact hper at

“…the benefits that this program offers students as they find work in wildland fire may even open doors into other careers in Natural Resources, Forestry, Recreation, and many related fields as students are able to take the experience gained through these courses at Northern and build upon it elsewhere. The potential for success with an NMU wildland fire program is enhanced even more with the presence of incredibly professional and experienced instructors in the likes of Jeff Noble, Pete Glover, and Ben Wagner.”
Mitchell Glen, Montana DNRC Wildland Firefighter and NMU Student.


Thanks go out to Mitch