Propane vs. diesel mix for ignition

The Klamath National Forest is also testing oil-resistant gloves

Igniting piles with propane. Klamath NF photo.

In an effort to reduce their employees’ to exposure hazardous materials the Klamath National Forest is igniting piles with a propane torch, rather than a drip torch with a diesel/gasoline mixture. Their torch may be similar to this one.

For when they must use drip torch fuel, fire personnel on the Forest are also testing oil-resistant gloves used by oil field workers. We found Endura WaterStop/Oilbloc goat leather gloves on Amazon that are lined with Kevlar, which could be an added benefit for firefighters.

Oil resistant gloves
Oil resistant gloves. Klamath NF photo.

I have never used a propane torch for igniting piles or for broadcast burning. Anyone have experience with this? Or the oil-resistant gloves?