Eldorado Hotshots featured on Vice News

October 27, 2020   |   6 a.m. MDT

Eldorado Hotshots, Vice News
Eldorado Hotshots, screenshot from Vice News

Vice News produced an excellent introduction to the world of hotshot crews. In 12 minutes they interview the Superintendent of the Eldorado Hotshots, Ben Strahan, and others on the crew, as well as a few of their family members. And importantly, they ask a former hotshot why he felt he had to move on to another job, discussing the inadequate pay federal firefighters earn, and the effects on family life by constantly having to work overtime in order to make enough money to get by.

The camera crew spent some time on the fireline with the crew, capturing video that the public rarely sees.

Vice News also produced a 30-minute podcast with the crew.