South Dakota: Red Canyon Fire

Above: Tanker 07, a P2V, drops on the Red Canyon Fire July 9, 2016. Photo by Bill Gabbert.

The lightning-caused Red Canyon Fire was reported at 12:45 p.m. MDT on Saturday 9 miles southwest of Pringle, South Dakota but an aggressive attack on the ground and from the air stopped it at 13 acres. 

In addition to engines, and water tenders and four hand crews, at least 10 aircraft joined the battle. We were there for a couple of hours and observed one large air tanker, at least five single engine air tankers, one Sikorsky Skycrane helicopter, a lead plane, an air attack ship, and an Astar B3 helicopter.

With the assistance of dozers, firefighters had constructed a line around the blaze by 6 p.m.

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The fire will be staffed all night. Breakfast for 60 people has been requested to be delivered to the fire scene at 6 a.m. on Sunday and the day shift will be briefed at 7 a.m.

Red Canyon Fire
The white objects are structures near the Red Canyon Fire. Photo by Bill Gabbert.
Red Canyon Fire
A Skycrane helicopter, Helitanker 718, on the Red Canyon Fire. Photo by Bill Gabbert.

Fire Aviation has a photo gallery of aircraft being used on the fire.