Smokey Jack O’Lantern

Smokey Jack O'Lantern
Smokey Jack O’Lantern by Crystal Fajt.

Crystal Fajt used the template we posted to make this very cool Smokey Bear Jack O’Lantern. Great job, Crystal! And, it’s a good picture, too. It’s difficult to photograph a dimly lit object in the dark.

Create a Smokey Bear Jack O’Lantern

Smokey Pumpkin(We first ran this October 6, 2009.)

Would you like to have Smokey Bear looking out at your trick or treaters from a Halloween Jack O’Lantern?  Here’s how:

Print this stencil, which looks like this, below:

smokey stencil halloween


Option #1

  1. Cut out the “black pieces” from the stencil sheet, using an x-acto knife or similar tool.
  2. Tape stencil sheet onto pumpkin.
  3. Use a fine-line marker and draw the image ‘through the holes” onto the pumpkin.
  4. Cut these pieces away from the pumpkin.

Or, Option #2

  1. Tape the stencil onto the pumpkin.
  2. Using a pin or other sharp tipped tool “pin-prick” the edge of all the black portions of the stencil.
  3. Remove the stencil, and connect the dots/pin-pricks with a marker.
  4. Cut these pieces away from the pumpkin.

5. Send us a photo of your result. (We will post some of them.)