Silver State Hot Shots to host fund raiser for Wildland Firefighter Foundation

The Silver State Hot Shots, based in Carson City, Nevada, are hosting an event, called a “vertical drop competition”, to raise money for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. I have no idea what a “vertical drop competition” is and was unable to find out after some brief research, but it is being held at a ski resort at Lake Tahoe, so maybe it involves sliding down a hill, or dropping off a hill. Their flyer and registration form don’t provide any further clues, but the event is scheduled for March 19.

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation does GREAT work, and even if you, like me, are not interested in vertical drops, it is an organization worth supporting. Here are some examples of the work they do:

*Provide immediate travel assistance to get an injured firefighter’s family to their firefighter’s bedside and assist with expenses for families while their firefighter is recovering.

*Arrange travel for crews to be able to take their fallen brothers home.

*Network crews and families with information and support after an injury or fatality.

*Give financial assistance to families of firefighters killed in the line of duty, ensuring the home is maintained and children are provided for.

*Help an injured firefighter meet their financial needs until they receive benefits, or are able to go back to work.

*Track injured firefighters to ensure they are receiving worker’s comp benefits.

*Assist children returning to school after the loss of a parent.

*Ensure survivors are able to attend “Family Fire” the Foundation’s annual gathering of families, co-workers, and wildland fire service personnel. Families share their path of healing and their children meet other kids struggling with the loss of a parent.

*Organize a Disneyland trip for children of our fallen wildland firefighters.

Two other fund raising events to benefit the WFF are listed on their web site:

  • The Dalton Hot Shots are participating in the Ragnar Relay Series 180-mile relay race, April 23-24.
  • Sporting Clay Shoot, April 23-24, sponsored by the Fulton and Texas Canyon Hotshots.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

4 thoughts on “Silver State Hot Shots to host fund raiser for Wildland Firefighter Foundation”

  1. Dear Wildfire Today,
    The Silver State Vertical Drop is an endurance ski event that we are holding at the MT. Rose Ski Tahoe Resort to benefit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. The event is being held on the east side of the resort on March 19th and will be in intermediate to advanced terrain. There is no jumping off cliffs, unless you want to!! Just how many laps you can do in a 4hr. period. Band and raffle at a local bar afterwards, call if you have questions. 775 885-6188
    Thanks, Silver State IHC

  2. Thanks Musher. Makes sense. Maybe the organizers assume if you don’t know what it means, you don’t belong there.

  3. “Vertical drop competition” probably means a competition to see who can do the most ski runs in a certain period of time. Each ski run has a certain “vertical drop” associated with it, so to win you try and get down the steepest trail as quickly as you can and back up the ski lift, then do that over and over again.


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