Ponderosa fire forces evacuations near Manton, California. Fire in Lassen NP continues to burn.

Map of Ponderosa and Reading fires 150 pm August 19, 2012
Map showing heat detected by a satellite on the Ponderosa and Reading fires, 1:50 p.m., August 19, 2012. MODIS/Google. (click to enlarge)

The Ponderosa fire just east of the communities of Manton and Shingletown in northern California is forcing the evacuation of many residents in the area 25 miles northeast of Red Bluff. CAL FIRE reports that the fire has burned 12,000 acres and is zero percent contained since it started at about 11:30 on Saturday. At least 3,000 structures are threatened and four have already been destroyed. As of Sunday afternoon 974 personnel, 105 engines, 31 dozers, and 22 hand crews were assigned to the fire.

As you can see in the map above, the Ponderosa Fire is only 12 miles from the Reading  fire in Lassen Volcanic National Park. That fire was not initially suppressed by the National Park Service when it started on July 23, but has now burned almost 28,000 acres and is only 51 percent contained. The estimated costs to the taxpayers for the Reading fire to date is $13 million. Today 795 people were working on the fire

Author: Bill Gabbert

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13 thoughts on “Ponderosa fire forces evacuations near Manton, California. Fire in Lassen NP continues to burn.”

  1. Thank you so much for this map. My mom, who lives in the Lake McCumber area, called me last night to let me know she had received a reverse 9-1-1 call telling her to evacuate immediately. When she was going down Wilson Hill towards Manton, she saw the fire and was amazed at how tremendous it had grown in such a short time. She went to stay with my brother in Chico, and when she arrived she said they could see the red glow from the fire all the way down in Chico. We have been trying to find out any new news – or how close it is to her house – and so far this is the single most useful and reassuring piece of information that I have been able to glean so far about the fire and exactly where it has spread. Thanks so much for posting it!


  2. we were evacuated last night around 915pm from viola via reverse 911 my finace’s family was having a family reunion and 50th anniversary party at there home around 90 people had to leave abruptly but from 12pm earlier that day we were getting ash and debre rained on us,,,just was crazy hope her aunts house is safe 🙁 would be messed up if they lost it all.. what a way to celebrate there 50th anniversary ….and now the town of shingle town is being evacuated we were evacuated to that town sat night 🙁

  3. We have a dwelling on Long Hay Flat Road and Bailey Creek. We are from out of town and just checking to see if anyone know the status of the buildings in that area? Thanks, Andre

    1. We also own a house near Long Hayflat & Bailey Creek, on Red Eagle. I had someone check on our house yesterday. He said no houses had burned on Long Hayflat, yet.
      Fire workers are at each house.

  4. Any information if the fire has reached G line? We have a cabin on G and cannot get information if its still standing

  5. has anyone been ordered to evac from battlecreek bottom road have brother and siter inlaw there not able to reach any info would be great

  6. My heart goes out to all the people up there, My family used to live on Shingletowm Ridge rd. and we have friends that live in Shingletown, Manton and Viola! I am praying that the firefighters keep up their amazing work and hopefully get a break soon. Come on Mother Nature, Give those guys some help. Give Shasta and Tehama counties a good soaking in rain!!

  7. Does anyone know how close the fire is to Big Wheels
    area where Hwy 44 crosses Mill Creek. Have cousins
    there and am concerned when they will leave.

    1. I talked to someone yesterday who is a neighbor to us (we have a cabin just up the road from Big Wheels) and he is still okay. It looks like the fire hasn’t crossed 44 and everyone with a few miles of 44 is still okay.
      Looking at that map above it looks the the brunt of the fire is opposite of Shingletown/Big Wheels. Keep your fingers crossed.

  8. Does anyone where how close the Fire is to the Lake McCumber Road AREA?? Is the fire contained in this area? Fire burning Only on the opposite of highway44??

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