Video: heat related illness

A video that is part of the wildland fire refresher for 2013, about heat related illness among firefighters.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

2 thoughts on “Video: heat related illness”

  1. oh one other thing to add. Have emails from anonymous individuals who have been in training sessions already this year.

    They say they are hearing Caleb’s case referred to as “the guy who didn’t come forward and say anything about his condition, so it was his fault he died.”

    Shame on you. Really?? Really???

  2. This makes me so glad to see this information out there. It’s is what we have been working towards! If it can happen to my son, who the CDC listed as a “physical specimen” it can and will happen to you. We are facing climbing temps each year, and the fact Caleb was the first reported death doesn’t negate the fact there have been over 255 REPORTED near misses. Who knows how many NON-REPORTED cases there have been. One would suspect the number is much greater.

    The only fact I still see which I wish would be addressed is the “murky” facts of Caleb’s death. The SAIT is wrong, not factual. How do I know? I, along with members of the Mineral Wells volunteer firefighters have walked that route 3 times now, and the report says it only took 3 minutes for the person who left Caleb to check on others work progress to get back, look for Caleb, not find him, look around, go down a very steep ravine which took 13 minutes (yes we timed the firefighters!!) just to get down one way, not counting getting back out, calling for emergency help, getting the emergency help down the ravine, and all this was accomplished in 3 minutes!!??!! Someone is taking broad liberties with the truth, they know it, we have rec’d so many anonymous emails and phone calls telling a much different story.

    But, the real story will never get out there, the BLM and especially Juan Palma has seen to that.

    At the very least, the wildland firefighters are now being warned. AMEN to that!!!!


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