Dining out, the evening before the memorial service for the Granite Mountain 19

After he recorded an interview with me today, the reporter from the Los Angeles National Public Radio station told me that someone else he talked to said the Granite Mountain Hotshots used to hang out at Hugos, a Mexican restaurant on Montezuma Street, a block north of the square in Prescott. So I tried it tonight. Visually, it’s very small and not at all fancy, to say the least. There is a little dining room in the front, and open air tables out back. I could almost see the Granite Mountain Hotshots, tired after a hard day, sitting around the tables outside, laughing occasionally, probably talking too loud at times… like all Hotshots do sometimes.

The food ordered from the limited menu was simple and tasty. I ordered a chicken burrito — it was huge and loaded with chicken. I’d order it again.

It can be a good sign when you walk into a Mexican restaurant and the TV is tuned to a Spanish language station. I asked the guy behind the walk up counter about the Hotshots — and if they came in there. He said that he and the other employee with him had been there for 9 years, and they knew everyone on the crew.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

5 thoughts on “Dining out, the evening before the memorial service for the Granite Mountain 19”

  1. Wonderful experience Bill. It would be something that can not be easily forgotten for sure. Wish I could experience something like that in my life soon.

  2. Ah-men to the above, you’re doing what many of us can’t so you’re a little part of all of us … a big thanks

  3. Thank you Bill for being there and doing so many things that many of us wish we could do ourselves. You are filling the void for so many of us who wish we could be there, but unfortunately can’t because fire season continues.

    Take care of yourself… You are doing an awesome job showing the respect and dignity deserved of the Granite Mountain H.S.

    You are also showing a rarely seen side of our profession… a side seldom experienced on the outside of the wildland fire community until a tragic accident happens…… but often experienced… year after year…. a story of sacrifice that happens all too often.

    Bill… take care of yourself…. and THANK YOU.


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