New Mexico legislature approves joining interstate fire compact

New Mexico becomes a member if the Governor signs bill.

If the governor of New Mexico signs SB 138, a bill approved February 17 by the legislature on a vote of 62 to 1, the state will become the seventh member of the Great Plains Interstate Fire Compact, making it easier to share firefighting resources with Colorado, Wyoming, Saskatchewan, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.

A fire official knowledgeable about the Compact said two other states have expressed an interest in becoming members, Utah and Kansas.

Great Plains Interstate Fire Compact map
Provinces and states within the Great Plains Interstate Fire Compact, if New Mexico governor signs bill. Wildfire Today graphic.

There are at least six other fire compacts: Great Lakes, Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic, Big River, Northwest, and Southeastern.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

3 thoughts on “New Mexico legislature approves joining interstate fire compact”

  1. It would be nice to see every state start granting reciprocity for EMT’s on wildfires. This is a position of great need on fires, yet every time we send folks out of state they are no longer legally allowed to practice. On every incident there is a shortage of EMT’s, especially fireline qualified ones. EMT’s have been sticking their necks out for years with little reward for their commitments.

    1. Where you from Shane? Running into the same issues in NM. Would like to connect with you bout this issue.

    2. There is actually a compact that is starting its way around – I don’t know where it currently stands – called REPLICA. Details can be found at . Once a sufficient number of initial states sign on to it, then any state that has signed agrees to recognize the credentials from any other member state. Will work for wildfires, but also for those working in border communities, or moonlighting across state lines and the like. I agree 100% this is an area that has been largely ignored and we’ve been putting our necks – and licenses – on the line to provide care, but this compact should resolve that particular issue as it gets signed.


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