TBT: Mississippi tractor plow

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Mississippi Forestry Commission fire tractor plow
Mississippi Forestry Commission photo.

For Throw Back Thursday–

The Mississippi Forestry Commission (@MSForestryComm) put this photo on Twitter today, honoring their delivery of “quality forest management services and assistance to private forest landowners for 92 years”.

Anyone want to take a stab at the date it was taken? I’m guessing the truck is from the mid-60’s. There is a number on the side that looks like “2700”. I don’t know if that’s a model, or a vehicle number assigned by the MFC.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

5 thoughts on “TBT: Mississippi tractor plow”

  1. the dozer is the TD-340,They were built from 1959 – 1965.this one looks fairly new,i also looked the truck up,and it seems to me the “2700” is an engine option.my 1970 ford had F250 with camper special under it on the hood,usually the camper special would be below the hood on the fender.

  2. Good morning Bill!
    Cool photo – always great to see such things from the past. I noticed the crawler operator leaning on what I guess to be a portable metal water tank/pump “for emergency use only”?!
    And you’re correct, an early-to-mid-60s Ford truck; the number on the side of the hood would be the MFC truck number. Back then, as now, Fords of this size range (pickups to medium-duty) used the F-Series numbering, which would normally have been where the “2700” number appears (which may have been added to the photo, by the looks of it).
    I emailed the Mississippi Forestry Commission with the hope of acquiring any and all information regarding the photo, but their Public Relations Director is out of the office through May 11th, so we may not hear from anyone.
    As always, I thoroughly enjoy your sites and have become a regular reader year-round; keep up the good work (hopefully more fun than work) !
    PS – When will your “Do you appreciate Wildfire Today?” link be active for financial support?

      1. I’m currently at work and forgot about AdBlocker… There’s that Tip Jar (and ads of interest)!


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