Maps: wildfire smoke conditions and forecast

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wildfire smoke map north america
The distribution of wildfire smoke across North America, May 30, 2019. By NOAA, Office of Satellite And Product Operations.
wildfire smoke forecast map
Forecast for the distribution of wildfire smoke at 5 a.m. MDT May 31, 2019. By NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory.

Here is how the NOAA Office of Satellite And Product Operations described the smoke conditions at 10:36 a.m. MDT May 30, 2019:

“Northwestern to Western Canada/South Central Canada/Southeastern
Canada/Northern New England…

“Large complex wildfires are continuing to burn and be observed over Northern Alberta Province and through portions of Northwestern Canada. Several smaller fires are burning and being observed as well in South Central Canada. Heavy density smoke is being observed in the region of the large complex wildfires and has been transported with the low level flow South and Eastward down into South Central Canada, into North and South Dakota, and into the Northern Upper Midwest Region. Moderate density smoke is being observed throughout most of Alberta Province, Northwestern Canada, South Central Canada, the High Plains, the Midwest, Ontario, and into Upstate New York. Light density smoke has been observed throughout most of Northwestern Canada, South Central Canada, the Plains, Midwest, the Southern Great Lakes region, Northern New England and progressing into far Southeastern Canada. The smoke is expected to continue to progress South and East over the day.”

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

6 thoughts on “Maps: wildfire smoke conditions and forecast”

  1. Thank you for posting. These maps are very valuable, and explain the smoke we are currently experiencing in western Montana.

  2. Thanks! I wondered on the way to work this morning in northeastern KS why the sun was such a brilliant red.

  3. Yes, it was smoke conditions here in Minot, ND the last few days. Hazy & 88 above!

  4. Smoke moved into northern Minnesota around noon, again.
    Can someone please ask Canada to put out their fires! Better yet, don’t let them start in the first place.
    Last years growing season was severely reduced by smoke, we don’t need it again!

  5. Jeff wildfires are actually natural essential and good for the environment/ land and this is why they allow them to happen and watch and control them.

  6. But they are NOT controlling them.
    Environmentalist aren’t allowing hazardous areas to be cleaned up, they put out natural fires which allow a tremendous amount of fuel to be amassed and thus the fires are much larger than nature intended.
    All one had to do is look at the history of Yellowstone National Park. All natural fires were extinguished until perfect conditions were artificially made and BOOM, an uncontrollable fire, burning everything in its way.
    And that’s what’s happening in Canada and the people in charge in the United States haven’t learned anything, ie California last year. It’s going to happen again since the stockpiling of fuel is still happening.
    Yes, I know fires are beneficial, but wild, uncontrolled, artificially stoked fires are ridiculous and preventable.

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