Wildfire smoke from Canada moves farther into United States

Air quality is affected

wildfire smoke map north america
The distribution of wildfire smoke across North America. By NOAA, Office of Satellite And Product Operations.

Smoke created in Alberta by wildfires over the last week, but especially on Wednesday when extreme fire weather caused major fire growth, is moving farther south into the United States.  Much of the northern tier of states has significant quantities of smoke and it reaches as far south as Colorado and Kansas, with lighter concentrations in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Montana is particularly affected according to AirNow, with Helena having “Unhealthy” air quality Friday morning. Lewiston and Great Falls are rated at “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”.

But it is much worse in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. For example, the air quality in Calgary is maxed out on the nasty air scale, rated at “Very High Risk”.

Calgary Air Quality, May 31, 2019
Calgary Air Quality, May 31, 2019. Government of Canada.

Unfortunately, NOAA’s Office of Satellite And Product Operations that produced the smoke map is having problems with their website and it is not possible to confirm with 100 percent confidence how current the mapped smoke data is. But we’re thinking it represents the distribution of smoke as of Friday morning. Hopefully NOAA can get this glitch fixed.

Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

8 thoughts on “Wildfire smoke from Canada moves farther into United States”

  1. Will that be possible to redirect the wind to weaken the fire, so that be possible to put off the fire.
    In addition to change Co2 to something else not harmful to air!

    The tiny idea was from my air purifier that could blow in one direction of wind.
    Also how to change co2 to h2o?

    1. Are you proposing we all stand out on our porches with hair dryers and fans to misdirect the airflow? That is absurd, Chen! I don’t even think HAARP could do such a thing! It could however manufacture a deluge of rain, like currently the rainfall in the Midwest, and Oklahoma, USA, for instance.
      Seriously, about the best we can do is put it in the hands of Jesus to intervene. That would mean praying by many Saved individuals. That is the only thing that makes common sense to me!
      Good luck on your miracle mission! Keep thinking positive, my friend.
      God Bless.
      Grammy D

      1. Grammy D, I praise you neighborino on your miracle mission, but not like I praise the Lord! I just prayed now, asking Jesus to intervene in the wildfires that his father, God, designed and allowed to happen. (Sorry Jesus, I just assume it is Your Father’s doing, not Yours!). Hmmm…now I’ve got a head-scratcher of a doodle, but do we need to pray if God already knew we were going to pray? That would not make sense that God would not already know that we’d be upset with God’s fires and the aftermath of the smoke. I’m a bit diddly confused now 🙁

      2. I can’t believe I read that in the 21st century. We have no chance of surviving this, not only because it’s the most dangerous threat we’ve ever faced, but because we’re devolving, intellectually.

  2. Check out purpleair.com if you want real-time, map-based particulate matter air quality data.

    1. Or stick your head out the window. We’re spewing and coughing constantly in southern California, and the air is far better now, since electric cars were mandated. Before you couldn’t see the horizon.

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