Canadian wildfire smoke spreads into the Eastern U.S.

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map wildfire smoke noon MDT June 1, 2019
The distribution of wildfire smoke at noon MDT June 1, 2019. NOAA, Office of Satellite And Product Operations.

On Saturday smoke from the wildfires in Alberta, Canada was affecting parts of Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and most of the states east of the Mississippi River — plus the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Below is the smoke forecast for Sunday at noon MDT June 2, produced by the Canadian government. Unfortunately it does not include the entire U.S.

wildfire smoke forecast June 2, 2019
The smoke forecast for Sunday at noon MDT June 2, produced by the Canadian government.


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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

13 thoughts on “Canadian wildfire smoke spreads into the Eastern U.S.”

  1. That Canadian map can be resized and can show the whole U.S. with the Canadian forecast shown.

  2. We will be driving to Alaska starting June 23. Could there be delays or escort vehicles thru fire areas?

  3. Woke up to much dark haze in the sky in northeast Iowa. This is the worst it’s been.

  4. Hazy sky now here in Northern Kentucky – too bad, one of the few clear days we’ve had.

  5. planning to vistit next week, Banff, Alberta, CAN. I wonder how’s the air and visibility? Thanks for your reply.

  6. Wondering why we haven’t heard about the wildfire smoke here in SE MN and Lacrosse, Wi TV only can tell us about the nice clear skies and warmer weather in the past few days. The sky’s are very hazy and the smell of smoke has been prevalent for at least 4-5 days. Come on, all you TV people look out the window.
    Your neighbors with respitory health problems have been suffering tremendously and not knowing why. Very unprofessional, get your heads out of the sand. There’s more to life then racing around a circle.

  7. I’m souring, no word, no comment here in europe about these wildfires around Canada’s Alberta province!
    we in Europe build these cars, you in USA and China dont reduce CO2, and that’s leading to the end of species, which need moderate climate to survive.
    that’ s it.
    I’m 62 years old , but what about our next generations…?

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