Wildfire smoke forecast September 12, 2020

September 11, 2020  |  8:43 p.m. PDT

Smoke forecast 5 am PDT Sept 12, 2020
Smoke forecast 5 a.m. PDT Sept. 12, 2020.

Above is the forecast for the distribution of smoke from wildfires at 5 a.m. PDT, September 12, 2020.

The satellite photo below shows much of the smoke from the west coast fires being blown out over the Pacific, while some remains in Washington, Oregon, and California, and also is being transported to the east.

(Information about how to reduce your exposure to smoke.)

Satellite photo, 4:30 p.m. Sept 11, 2020
Satellite photo, 4:30 p.m. Sept 11, 2020. GOES 17, NASA.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

16 thoughts on “Wildfire smoke forecast September 12, 2020”

    1. I’m in Oregon. The national news here in the U.S. only mentions California, maybe a word about Oregon and Washington, and nothing at all about B.C. The worst air quality (in the world) is in Portland, followed by Vancouver, Seattle and then San Francisco. We all live in the region called “Ecotopia”, and the news should include us all in a regional disaster like this.

      1. Because most Americans are a bunch of self centered, inconsiderate , arrogant, selfish people. Starting at the top!!! By the way, I’m American and its embarrassing.

    2. What is the focus of this website; US, Canadian, Mexican or international fire? If you want Canadian-centric reporting about the 8-10% of British Columbia affected by the smoke, visit a Canadian fire website. The color gradient map, not the blurb, is important.

    3. I feel u…i was thinking that same thing…i m about 90 miles from border in north idaho and the smoke is horrible here, i imagine its bad there too…i just keep praying for rain 🌧 🙏 😩

    4. Sadly, our smoke flows both ways. Our fires don’t have “borders” & maybe, our news doesn’t share stats?
      They should as, I’m on Fidalgo Island, just south of you & our smoke is bad so, your’s must be, too. SORRY! 😓😢😪

    5. Texas resident here. Yes, I totally understand your point. At this point it would appear that Americans are a self centered lot, some of us seem to have diminished Cognitive ability. Hopefully not all of us fall into that category. I feel Sad for the destruction that fires create to all affected.

    6. Same here in Montana! We are getting all the smoke here from CA, Oregon, Washington and our own fires! Air quality today was as bad as it was 3 years ago when we were surrounded by fires eveywhere here. But all they talked about was CA then. I guess only those states matter! So yes I know how you feel! Just take precautions when out and about. I have 2 air purifiers so the indoor air quality is better than outside. I didn’t have them 3 years ago! Take care and be safe!

    7. I always wondered that myself. I am American but I have a close Canadian friend . I always wonder why the weather reports in the USA always stop at the border… like there is nothing there… I have to google Canadian weather … I stream TV, so I don’t have a Canadian channel available…

  1. I feel u…i was thinking that same thing…i m about 90 miles from border in north idaho and the smoke is horrible here, i imagine its bad there too in Canada..i guess it will continue where the wind blows it to until it dissipates..i just keep praying for rain 🌧 🙏 😩 STAY INDOORS as much as possible

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