Firefighters burned at Silverado Fire are still hospitalized

They have second and third-degree burns

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Silverado Fire dozers
A dozer working on the Silverado Fire not far from the heel of the fire near Dripping Springs Loop, at 11:18 a.m. PDT Monday October 26, 2020. NBCLA.

The two firefighters on an Orange County hand crew that were seriously injured Monday on the Silverado Fire in Southern California, suffering second and third degree burns, are still in critical condition. Their names have not been released. The firefighters were intubated when they were admitted to the hospital, but they are still fighting, Orange County Fire Authority Chief Brian Finnessy said Wednesday morning.

On Monday when the Chief first announced the incident he said they had been gravely injured.

“They were working near what we call the heel of the fire, where the fire started,” the Chief said then. “We don’t have any information about what occurred. We have requested an accident review team from the state to come in and do the investigation… I was with them when their families arrived. We are giving them all the support we can, not only through our chaplain program, but we have a very comprehensive peer behavioral health program.”

Wednesday I asked the Chief if there was an address to which we could send cards or letters to the firefighters and their families.

“The families would be so grateful to receive cards or letters,” the Chief said. “They are just now realizing how the fire and aviation family comes together during times like this.”

Here is the address:

Attn: Injured OCFA Hand Crew Firefighters
1 Fire Authority Road
Irvine, CA 92602

Even though we don’t know their names, let’s flood them with kindness, cards, and letters.

UPDATE October 30, 2020:

For those who wish to help, there are two ways to make a monetary donation to support the costs associated with the long healing process of these burn victims, and to support their families:

Wildland Firefighter Foundation. You can choose “yes” to dedicate the donation as a gift to someone, then, for example, you can specify the two firefighters critically injured at the Silverado Fire.

Fallen Firefighters Relief Fund. Created October 28, 2020 by Orange County Local 3631 as a fundraiser “in support of two firefighters critically injured while protecting our community battling the Silverado Fire.”

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

14 thoughts on “Firefighters burned at Silverado Fire are still hospitalized”

  1. The heel and flanks can be as dangerous and risky as the flame front LCES sometimes not enough good thoughts and prayers for everyone on the line

  2. Thank you for providing this information. They will hear from me, and I hope in some small way it offers comfort. My son was just dispatched to the California fires.

  3. Keeping the two who were injured and there families and brotherhood of firefighters in our thoughts and sending healing vibes. We are a retired firefighter family and understand the agony every time our firefighters get called out. Hugs to you all…

  4. We are a 3rd generation fire family and can’t thank you enough for what you do. It is a very dangerous, grueling job and takes a special person with commitment and bravery to respond when called. You are brave and respected and should be proud to be among the family of heroes we call on to keep us safe. Go bless you and wishing you a full recovery.

  5. I am praying for full recovery for these two brave firefighters, and thhat theirfamiles will know the strength and nearness of God.

  6. I am broken hearted for them and their families. Such a difficult job, and a job full of danger and tragedy. Am praying for them as I pray for all of our brave firefighters .

  7. Me too – I am broken hearted. My son also worked as part of a hand crew this year on some California fires. I am keeping these brave firefighters and their families in my thoughts and prayers. In that way, they are not alone in this tragedy, and I hope they somehow know we are all pulling for them. If thoughts and prayers can give them strength, it is the least we can do for them.

  8. I would be most grateful if you gave a daily update on the fire status at Estes Park, Grand Lake, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

  9. Bill, thank you for your very considerate effort. I very much appreciate this update and the address to the firefighters and their families, which I’m sharing with many others.
    Greg Bishop, Retired Orange County Fire Authority Fire Captain.

  10. Prayers to the two firemen and their families. May god bless them and heal them. Thank you for your service.

  11. I pray for a full recovery for these brave firefighters and that they are in Gods tender loving care.
    My son was badly burned this year. My heartfelt sorrow and prayers go to these men and their loved ones for what they are enduring.

  12. Is there a current GoFundMe for these two firefighters? Money is small solace in times like these, but I know many would love to donate as a gesture of thanks in addition to sending thoughtful cards. Please let us know.

  13. Good question. I just added information at the bottom of the article about how to make a monetary donation to support the costs associated with the long healing process of these burn victims, and to support their families.

    There is more information here in a new article.

  14. Father please comfort these young men in their spirit, in their bodies, and surround them with wise doctors and the most compassionate nurses. I pray that their care will be the most gentle of care ever and that they will know YOU ARE THERE with them. I pray these men know of your love for them and that they will find their strength in you. Dear Lord touch their bodies with your healing power that these young firefighters will have no doubt that it is you. Please comfort their mother’s, their wives, their children and loved ones as they stand by these young men.

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