The Markley Fire, set to cover up a murder, killed two other people

Northern California in 2020

Victor Serriteno
Victor Serriteno, was arrested for starting the Markely Fire in 2020 that killed two people in their homes. Photo: Vacaville Police Department.

A person accused of starting the Markely fire in Northern California in August of 2020 has been arrested for arson and three counts of murder.

The fire started August 18 near the southeast end of Lake Berryessa and grew large quickly during during hot, dry, windy weather. It merged with the Hennessy, Gamble, Green, Spanish, 5-10, and Morgan Fires which were managed under the LNU Lightning Complex.

Investigators say Victor Serriteno murdered Priscilla Castro, a 32-year-old from Vallejo, who he had arranged to meet after finding her on an online dating app.

“We believe Serriteno deliberately set the Markley fire in an attempt to conceal his crime,” Solano County Sheriff Tom Ferrara said at a news conference Wednesday.

The Markley Fire killed two people in their homes, Douglas Mai, 82, and Leon Bone, 64.

Mr. Serriteno was arrested by Vacaville Police in September and charged with the murder of Ms. Castro. Wednesday the Solano County district attorney’s office added three additional charges, arson and two counts of murder for the two fire victims’ deaths.

LNU Lightning Complex
Some of the fires that were part of the LNU Lightning Complex in 2020.
Markley Fire August, 2020
Markley Fire August, 2020, showing the locations of the deaths of the two people who were killed in their homes.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

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