44 Australia and New Zealand firefighters coming to help the U.S.

On Saturday, U.S. time, 44 Australian and New Zealand firefighters will depart for the United States to assist with the wildland fires in California. The contingent will travel to the National Interagency Fire Center for a briefing and to be issued equipment.

From there they will be deployed to various fires, most likely in California. They will be working two 14-day assignments with a break in between. The entire expedition for them, including travel, briefing, fire assignments, and R&R, will last about 40 days.

We are always honored to accept the help of our bushfire bretheren from down under. What is this, the 3rd or 4th time they have sent a contingent over? I wonder if this is the earliest in the season they have done this? It might be a long summer. Pace yourself.

Update, July 11:
They will be sending Division Supervisors, Task Force Leaders, Helicopter Managers, and liaison personnel. This is the fifth time in the last eight years firefighters from down under have traveled to the U.S. to assist with fires. The last time was in 2006.

Photo courtesy of The Courier
Thanks to Dick for the tip.

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