Basin fire burns across Chews Ridge

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The Basin fire east of Big Sur exhibited less aggressive behavior yesterday, with the exception of the northeast side where it burned across Chews Ridge. The fire spotted across the indirect dozer line near the Mira Observatory that had been in place for over a week, advancing 3/4 of a mile north beyond the line while consuming several hundred acres in the White Oaks area.

Firefighters are planning on corralling this slopover with a new 8-mile indirect dozer line making a big loop centered around Anastasia Canyon.

On the north side, they continued to make progress firing out the line. The slopover on the south side where the fire burned across the line on the Rodeo Flats trail is still un-lined.

The weather forecast for the northeast side of the fire for Sunday and Monday predicts temperatures around 90, with mostly northwest or southwest winds at 8-13, and relative humidity in the mid-20s during the day and around 80% at night.

The map below shows the advances the fire made on Saturday. The fire is 116,829 acres and is 61% contained.

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