Wildfire news, November 23, 2008

Memorial service for air tanker 09


Tanker 09’s last drop

The Missoulian has an article about a memorial service that was held Saturday at Neptune Aviation Services’ hanger in Missoula. Air tanker 09 crashed on September 1, killing Calvin “Gene” Wahlstrom, 61, of Utah; Gregory Jess Gonsioroski, 41, of Baker; and Zachary Jake VanderGriend, 25, of Missoula. May they Rest In Peace.

Thanks, Dick, for the tip.

Retardant used on the Freeway Complex

CalFire says air tankers dropped 308,452 gallons of retardant on the 29,000 acre Freeway Complex fires west of Corona, California. And, during the early stages of the fire the Santa Ana winds were too strong to allow the use of air tankers.

New standards for mobile homes


Residents evacuate from the Sayre fire, Monday, Nov. 13

State and county officials in California are considering new fire-related standards for mobile homes after about 500 burned in the Oakridge mobile home park last week on the Sayre fire near Sylmar. They will look at the spacing of mobile homes, the number of dwellings per acre, the removal of brush and flammable debris, and the amount of flame-retardant building materials required in a mobile home.

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