Lockheed fire near Santa Cruz, CA

These photos were grabbed from amazing live video from ABC7 news (available HERE, occasionally) of the Lockheed fire near Santa Cruz, California, south of San Francisco.

ABC7 news, Santa Cruz
ABC7 news, Santa Cruz

The fire started on Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. and has burned about 2,800 acres near Bonny Doon. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for 500-1,000 structures.

The fire gets its name from the nearby Lockheed Martin Space Systems campus, which is being used as a command post.

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  1. The local paper, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, has good reporting. http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/ci_13065064

    The rugged mountainside is thick with knobcone pine and Santa Cruz manzanita, two plants that evolved with fire and require flames to reproduce, said Eric Huff, assistant officer to the board of California Forestry and Fire Protection."You look around and think, ‘We’re so close to the coast, the weather’s so nice, we’ve got these redwoods and firs,’" said Huff, a former forester with Big Creek Lumber in Swanton. "You don’t think about the knobcone and manzanita. It is built to burn," he said.

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