A "Wildfire Credit Union"?

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The Communications Family Credit Union in Michigan felt they needed a name change after three decades because they wanted to appeal to a younger demographic and because some people were confused about who was eligible to become a customer. So they hired the Weber Marketing Group in Seattle to suggest prospective names. The company provided a list of 40 possibilities from which the credit union selected “Wildfire Credit Union”.

I went to their web site, halfway expecting to see a logo, photo, or at least colors derived from a wildfire, but no… just photos of a suburban setting and autumn colors on hardwood trees.   Very boring, to tell you the truth.

I wonder if the average banking customer, when seeing “Wildfire” in the name, thinks of flames, destruction, blackened landscapes, burned structures, and smoke columns, or do they picture a reputable banking institution?

So, would you be more or less likely to become a customer of a credit union called “Wildfire”?

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One thought on “A "Wildfire Credit Union"?”

  1. This was a very funny thing to read on a saturday morning. A few weeks ago I was watching the local news here in Mid- Michigan and saw the “unveiling” of the new name and got a good chuckle out of it. It certainly is a name more befitting a hot-wing restaurant or some such thing. It makes me wonder how much cash they forked over to the marketing company, it also makes me wonder who at said company thinks a name like that will entice new customers. Anywho to answer your question, this does not make me want to become a customer… unless they give a free gift to ‘wildfire’ firefighters haw haw.


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