Red Flag Warning for southern California

Red Flag Warnings
Red Flag Warnings
Red Flag Warnings, 9:25 a.m. MT, October 25, 2012

Red Flag Warnings for extreme fire weather are in effect for most of the forested and brush-covered lands in southern California. The pattern along the Colorado River is interesting, and indicates that the weather forecasters put some thought into this, rather than simply using state boundaries as has been done in some cases previously.

The weather forecasts vary from one location to another in southern California, but they generally call for strong northeast winds of 20 to 30 mph gusting at 50 to 60 mph, along with very low humidities. The Red Flag Warnings mostly begin late on Thursday and continue into Saturday.

The map was current as of 9:25 a.m. MT. Red Flag Warnings can change throughout the day as the dozens of National Weather Service offices around the country update and revise their forecasts. For the most current data, visit this NWS site.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

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    1. I’m here in LA County and its not that bad where I am yet. I know everyone is staged all over the place thought. I have seen Type 1,3, and 4 engine strike teams. I have also seen a lot of CAL FIRE and Angeles engines out and about. At Fox Tanker base there is one P2V tanker 43, one type 2 copter with crew H-531 and there are 3 Type 1 Helitankers on the back ramp. Numbers unknown. They are all Erickson air cranes though.


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