Wildfire briefing, April 24, 2014

Fire in New Jersey

A vegetation fire in New Jersey has burned about 1,500 acres in the Edward G. Bevan Fish and Wildlife Management Area. At least one single engine air tanker and a helicopter have been assisting the firefighters on the ground. 

The Random Ramblings blog has some photos that were taken from an air tanker operated by Downstown Aero. Other photos can be found at ABClocal.

Homes at risk in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has released a map showing the areas in the city that are most at risk from wildland fire. A homeowner can use the map to zoom in to see their individual parcel, rated anywhere from low risk to extreme risk.

More cities should provide maps like this.

Wildfire risk, Colorado Springs

In the last two years wildfires in Colorado Springs have killed four residents and burned 833 homes.

One person killed in wildfire in Nepal

One person was killed and 42 homes burned in a wildfire near Illam, Nepal.

From ekantipur.com:

ILLAM, APR 23 – A person died on the spot while two others were injured seriously when a huge stone fell on them from a cliff above as they were extinguishing forest fire in Bhanjo-1 of the district.

In the incident that took place on Wednesday morning, Ram Kumar Rai, 55, of Banjho-1 was killed while Ranjit Rai, 23 and Bhadra Maya Rai, 50 were injured, according to the Area Police Office, Mangalbare.

Meanwhile, fire engulfed 42 houses at Inaruwa VDC of Saptari district this morning. The fire that broke out from a cowshed of Dhaneshwro Mandal spread to 42 houses belonging to 22 households.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

4 thoughts on “Wildfire briefing, April 24, 2014”

  1. Hello Bill,

    Thanks for the mention of my blog! A point of clarification. There are two major wildfires in New Jersey that I know of. There is a 1,500 acre wildfire in Downe Township NJ (Cumberland County in Southern NJ, NJFFS Section C3) that was at 55 percent containment the last I heard. Your information is correct, the fire is in the Edward G. Bevan Fish and Wildlife Management Area, but it isn’t in Berkeley Township. The fire in Downe Twshp was first reported on Tuesday, April 23rd at about 3 PM. The fire is still burning today. Yesterday a Turbo-Cat SEAT and a Huey with a bucket worked that fire. I don’t know if any aircraft worked that fire today.

    The second major fire was reported about noon in Berkeley Township NJ (Ocean County in central NJ), and has been dubbed the Continental Fire. It is in NJFFS Section B7. Residential evacuations have been ordered, about 40 houses and at least one school has been evacuated. The last I heard two Air Tractor 602’s and at least one Huey with a bucket were working that fire.

    As you know, we are under a Red Flag Warning here in NJ and environs today, as we were yesterday. I suspect that there have been smaller fires in NJ and environs in addition to the two major wildfires (Downe Twsp and Berkeley Twsp).

    Thanks for the good work you do.


    1. Opps, sorry I forgot to say that the last I heard the Continental Fire in Berkeley Township has burned about 300 acres. Been a busy day here in NJ.

      Thanks again,


  2. I wonder if insurance companies are going to be looking at the same maps and setting rates accordingly. If so, it might reduce the number of homes built in indefensible places.


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