Mine clearing missile reportedly used to help control wildfire in Russia

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We can’t confirm that two UR-77 Meteorit missile-firing mine clearing vehicles were actually used to help control a wildfire in Siberia, but that is the report. The missile may be towing detonation cord, which is sometimes used by wildland firefighters to build fireline or to fell a dangerous snag.

Author: Bill Gabbert

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2 thoughts on “Mine clearing missile reportedly used to help control wildfire in Russia”

  1. Impressive, some heavy duty detonator cord. Watching the shock wave everyone should be a good distance away.

  2. So, to keep things basic- this vehicle uses a missile to tow a “mine clearing charge”, which can be up to 93m long. This charge is, in basic terms, a bunch of explosives in a “sausage link” form; with much more power than simple det cord. The principle behind these vehicles, which have counterparts in most modern militaries, is to fire these charges across (antipersonnel) minefields, detonate the charge, and hopefully disable or destroy the mines surrounding the charge. I believe that the UR-77 can clear up to a 14m swath with the correct charge.

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