Google Earth acquires imagery of Thomas Fire

Thomas Fire, December 13, 2017

Google Earth, the software that has aerial imagery from all over the world, now has satellite photos of the Thomas Fire. The photo above is from December 13, 2017. To see the fire images you will need to zoom in fairly close and select imagery from December, 2017 (View/Historical Imagery). The photos are from December 4 through 18, 2017.

The Thomas Fire burned 281,893 acres in December, 2017 near Ventura, California, making it for a surprisingly short time, the largest wildfire in recent California history. It destroyed 1,063 structures, damaged 280 more, and set in motion the factors that led to a series of flash-floods and landslides that killed 21 residents. Seven months later the Ranch Fire east of Ukiah became the largest in the recent history of the state, burning 410,000 acres.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

2 thoughts on “Google Earth acquires imagery of Thomas Fire”

  1. Very interesting and INSTRUCTIONAL stuff by my reckoning! Kind of a Lessons Learned thing. Using this “new” Google Earth imagery I checked out the LODD site (34°26’9.83″N 118°57’27.53″W), CalFire Green Sheet , Fatality Firefighter Entrapment, 12/14/2017, Thomas Fire, 17-CA-VNC-103156. The site had not burned yet! The surrounding imagery reveals this easternmost fire edge was heavily painted with retardant. You’d swear that this portion of the fire is strictly boring mop up! But 2-3 days later it came to life and consumed one firefighter’s life.

    FYI. About 1.3 miles almost due south of the LODD site is a VLAT (34°25’5.00″N 118°57’12.40″W Eye Altitude 1662 feet) LR


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