UK Firefighters battle a wildfire at Marsden Moor

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At one point the fire had a 2-mile wide flaming front

Marsden Moor fire
Marsden Moor fire in the UK, April, 2021. Photo by West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.

About 70 firefighters have been battling a wildfire in the United Kingdom since Sunday night on Marsden Moor.

The firefighters thought they had the spread stopped Monday afternoon, but it flared up again overnight.

From the Manchester Evening News Tuesday at 8:13 p.m.:

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that the blaze had grown, covering over two square miles of moorland.

They said: “The fire currently has a flame front of 2 miles, with an area of 2 square miles affected by the blaze.

“There are currently around 70 firefighters on scene working with partners.

From a BBC article about the fire Tuesday evening:

Fireworks have been found on moorland where a wildfire has been burning since Sunday.

A BBC crew filming at the scene discovered a box  labelled Cosmic Chaos on Marsden Moor, near Huddersfield. The cause of the blaze, which has spread across 2 sq miles (5 sq km) is not yet known, but bonfires, fireworks and barbecues are banned on the National Trust site.

Marsden Moor fire
Marsden Moor fire

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Author: Bill Gabbert

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