Sunset, enhanced with fire engines

Redding, CA sunset CAL FIRE engines.
Sunset in Redding, California, August 10, 2014. A strike team of CAL FIRE engines assigned to the Eiler Fire is in the foreground. (Click to see a larger version.) Photo by Bill Gabbert.

Some of the readers of this site may agree with the supposition that a beautiful sunset can be enhanced if there are fire engines in the foreground. OK… probably not MANY will agree — but maybe there’s one or two that will. Or, at least ONE. Right? Help me out here!

This was a strike team of  CAL FIRE engines that is assigned to the Eiler Fire 40 air miles east of Redding, California. They are working 24-hour shifts and every other day come in to Redding to stay in a motel, where this photo was taken tonight, August 10.