Goodwin Fire crosses Highway 69 at Mayer, grows to 20,000 acres

3-D map Goodwin Fire

Above: 3-D map of the Goodwin Fire at 9 p.m. MDT June 27, 2017.

(Originally published at 7:04 a.m. MDT June 28, 2017)
(Updated at 11:45 a.m. MDT June 28, 2017)

Wednesday morning the Goodwin fire was five times larger than it was 24 hours earlier. Southwest winds and low humidities caused it to spread to the northeast threatening the town of Mayer, Arizona which was under a mandatory evacuation order. It crossed highway 69 just north of the town and as of 9 p.m. Tuesday had spread for another two miles east of the highway, growing to about 20,600 acres. The previous night it was at 4,400 acres and had expanded to about 12,000 acres by 2:40 p.m. Tuesday.

The weather forecast for Wednesday is not good news for firefighters. The outlook is for 93 degrees, 11 percent relative humidity, and by noon the wind should increase to 12 to 15 mph out of the south to southwest with gusts to 27.

At a media briefing Wednesday at 11:20 a.m., Incident Commander John Pierson said an area of fuel mitigation completed by the state of Arizona north of Mayer was instrumental in helping to protect the town as the fire ran across Highway 69. He also said there is a good chance the portion of the fire that is east of the Highway can be contained by the dozers and hand crews that are working in that area.

On Wednesday air tankers began dropping retardant on the fire at 8 a.m. There are no ground troops in those locations to follow up and construct firelines, so the best firefighters can hope for, Mr. Pierson said, is that the spread of the fire will be slowed or delayed.

While the fire was making its big run Tuesday, a weather station at Sunset Point 14 miles southeast of the fire recorded a temperature of 101 degrees, 3 percent relative humidity, and 11 to 15 mph winds out of the south to southwest winds gusting at 23 to 31 mph.

map Goodwin Fire
Map of the Goodwin Fire at 9 p.m. MDT June 27, 2017.

Highway 69 is closed at Mayer. Evacuations are in effect for several communities in the area.

The National Situation Report says nine structures have burned since the fire started, but it is unclear when or where that occurred. There are no reports yet of any structures being destroyed as the fire approached Mayer. A June 27 news release from the Incident Management Team includes this information:

Goodwin Fire managers and cooperators have been receiving inquiries regarding structures damaged or destroyed during the first day of Goodwin Fire. It was reported that structures have been destroyed and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office personnel are working with fire officials to determine the extent of damaged structures. However, this can only be accomplished when it is safe for deputies to enter, complete an accurate assessment, and determine ownership. Efforts to expedite the release of such information is ongoing. In the meantime, the patience of those residents who have been evacuated is greatly appreciated.

Beth Lund’s Type 1 Incident Management Team which had been staged at Phoenix has been ordered for the fire. They will be working with John Pierson’s Type 1 Incident Management Team that is already there.

In the video below, smoke from the Goodwin Fire can be seen in the lower-left corner. The other fire to the north is the Brian Head Fire east of Cedar City, Utah.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire.

110 thoughts on “Goodwin Fire crosses Highway 69 at Mayer, grows to 20,000 acres”

  1. Thank you for the helpful info. Aerial views are especially appreciated.

  2. I used to live there. got out because the corrupt sheriff’s dept. was Soo bad. everybody knows it, nobody does anything about it. small town good ole boys club.

    1. not the time to air dirty laundry.. Prayers for all in the path of the fire and for the safety of the people putting their lives on the line..

      1. Thank you for saying that Melody. I’m in Dewey feeling grateful I wasn’t waken in the middle of the night and told to leave. I spent the last few hours baking dozens of biscuits and have a crockpot full of gravy ready to go. Time to get on the phone and find out where I can take this to feed who needs it most.
        Prayers to everyone forced to leave their homes and the brave men and women fighting the fire.

        1. Thank you, Karo. The firefighters put themselves in harms way. Today, it is the people in Mayer…tomorrow it might be where I live.

      2. I think they need more than hopes, wishes, and prayers… those are all empty. They need help… or, if you think it’s ‘god’s will’ then the fire should be left to run its course, no matter what is destroyed or harmed.

        1. It’s really not a good time for atheist to chime in. Prayers always help but believers should use their feet as well. It’s a good time to rise to Gods expectations of His people.

    2. And what diorama this comment have to do with the fire fighters and the fire? Take your soap box to another site.

    3. This is where you decide to gripe? Glad you moved away, no community needs someone who is so self absorbed.

    4. How rude you are, these people that love this area don’t need your stupid response on this site. Go grab your crayons and coloring book and go to your safe place and shut the hell up.

    5. And you choose now to criticize the town while this tragic fire is happening? You’re not a “distinguished senior citizen”, you are a grumpy old man (or woman) who needs to learn compassion. This is not about you.

    6. So true ! I used to live there as well for 14 years. I think the sheriff and cop situation is much improved, there are still lots of good people there, and I’m praying for them !

    7. Seriously? That’s what you have to say about the events that are currently happening? How about Prayers for everyone involved?

    8. sounds real distinguished there… posting anything political on a fire disaster informational post… yep, real distinguished

    9. And your concern for everyone in the area and their safety simply oozes from your comment. If you ask me, the community is better off since you left.

    10. It is to bad you used this “sad” forum to bitch at our city! You are NOT a distinguished Senior Citizen, you are a poor excuse for a human to do this. Glad you are gone, we don’t need people like you in our city. Be it, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, or any other city around. We here are so very saddened for the loss of homes, and misplaced citizens. We are praying for our Emergency Responders, fire fighters, police and anyone else that is in the path of this raging inferno. Keep off of here and stay where you are.

    11. Really! This is devastating, over 21,000 acres have burned! Not the time nor the place to post a comment like that! Prayers to the firefighters, their families, and every person that this tragedy has touched their lives.

    12. What does this have to do with this fire? I think you should probably rethink your name.

    13. What does this have to do with the tragedy that it happening now. Take your soap box to another site. I am hoping the dedicated fire fighters will be safe and containment will be reached.

    14. Really? A fire is raging across that city and your response is to shine light on yourself and your thoughts about the police department? Wow.

    15. Well we can see that you think of nobody but yourself☹️ I am one that had to leave everything behind, and all I can think about is my friends, family and community.

    16. Hmmm a distinguished Senior citizen would realize that this is not the time or place to air your dirty laundry. Prayer for families and firefighters is what we need.

    17. Why did you have anything to do with the Sheriff’s dept? Are you a criminal or just a complainer?

    18. Get over it, we are worried about the fire at this time, your remark is not very ‘distinguished’

    19. Hardly anything distinguished about you, your comment, or your total lack of respect for what’s taking place here. People and property are in danger and all you can do is throw unfounded and dubious jabs in a thread that’s meant to discuss the fire and its impact on the community. Wow! So glad you left, please don’t come back, we neither want or need you here.

    20. AMEN God Bless you!
      And distinguished senior citizen I feel sorry for you and your bitterness. They are not the issue…victims of this fire need prayer and we are preparing to evacuate and packing.

    21. There are people losing their homes and you only care about why YOU left??? I don’t get people like you. Take your dirty laundry out on another forum and at another time!!!!

    22. Good riddance dsc, glad you moved!

      God Bless everyone involved and I will surely be one to keep praying for everyone’s safety and and a fast end to this disaster.

    23. Distinguished senior citizen. I have been crying all day off and on at work up here in Kingman. We moved from an area in Dewey that is now evacuated and my friends are terrified for one another in the entire community. Now I have yet another soul to cry for, you. Prayers lifted for you. “…and forgive those who trespass against us…”. Prayers lifted to all citizen’s who love this part of America we call, or called, home.

  3. Thank you for the photos and esp. the maps.

    I am over in Dewey and have been searching for a map to shoe me exactly where this fire is.

    I hope everyone remains safe. That this fire takes no life of any sort. Human or animal.

    If there is some way to help,e old you post that?

    Concerned Neighbor

  4. To distinguished citizen: What’s that got to do with the poor citizens and fire fighters dealing with this tragedy. You need to pray for all involved instead of complaining about something that has nothing to do with this incident.

  5. My sister lives in Poland Junction. She & her critters have evacuated to Prescott. I pray the end of the fire is soon. My sis’s home is everything she has. I am sick to my stomach for her. How did this fire start???

    1. I believe it is still not determined how this monster fire was started.
      Never been so scared. Had to pre evacuate with my elderly client & his cats. That was hard. Then mandatory evacuate Now!!!
      Extremely hard day. Frightening since I’d been watching this fire in the mountains of Mayer & then it grew and it grew fast.

  6. We live near by and my heart goes out to all of you that have been displaced God be with each and every one of you

    1. Fire fighters have a command center set up at BMJRHS. They contract meals out and may facilities to feed fire fighters. I know Red Cross is taking donations for families in the evacuation site at the BMHS.

  7. Thank you for the latest info on the Goodwin fire. We are watching very closely. We are in Prescott and can see the thick smoke from our balcony. Bless everyone who is fighting this powerful fire.

    1. We are on pre-evacuation status in PCC. . .just waiting to hear when we are supposed to go.

  8. You are just as bad feeding into the first comment praying for all involved come on monsoons we need you easy on the lightning please God bless all

  9. Judy, we live in the Prescott Country Club. Currently, we have ash falling in the neighborhood…

  10. We should be praying for the safety of everyone. Thanks to all the brave responders we have. God be with us all.

  11. Has anyone heard if the fire has gotten to Mayer? We are in Spring Valley. Thanks.

  12. I live in Prescott country club and since yesterday continue to see the smoke increase. Woke this morning taking the dog out and ash was falling like snow.
    Have a bug out bag already packed and in the car as does the wife. Hope it doesn’t come to that.
    Fondest regards for those working to control the fire. When I hear how large it is and how little is contained, I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be for them.
    God protect and guide them.

  13. Hey Mike. No one needs stupid people around either. The Forest Service has been doing prescribed burns for 20 years promising that they would protect our homes, but after causing many to get serious smoke caused illnesses like COPD, A-Fib, High blood pressure & die, it is obvious that the prescribed burns have done nothing to protect anything. The Forest Service has been lying to us for years but no one does anything about it because they are all cowards.

    1. I am not a coward Zonian and I think you know who I am here near ya. I am the desert walker doing something about it but you have to do higher level approaches and get high up credibility and make sure you dot the “I”s and reach the right political pulls or you will never make it and even then its going to be a hard journey. You cannot just rap and gap or theorize. You have to really get involved in all fires across the USA and watch and really document many areas. Keep all data off site in a fire proof area. Two days from now will be my 4th Anniversary where I was with the GMHS that fateful day on the Weavers and I survived along with Tex and Donut and not yet has the pure account yet come forward and in His time it will come out not just about YHF but what is really happening in how they are doing things and the movie comes out (October 2017 on GMHS) is from a director and some loved ones views to honor bravery but no book or movie can really capture and share the data as I eyewitnessed and since have gathered over $13,000 in foias/public records/investigation methods…They made a park in honor of the GMHS ( terrific trail…look at my review on Google ) and in my 34 times doing it you cannot imagine how many folks think that is where the men walked up 6.30.13 (even a 83y.o. woman who I had to help her down because she thought she was walking the steps of her loved one…it is not until you descend to deployment zone) and I was there and in reality that trail is mine and Tex and how we got OUT and survived and the men never was in that area but past the observation deck area. The man who labels the organization YCSO as corrupt…in every organization you see some mannerism such way…I had a slice but I do not label a whole organization because of an isolated situation. Dwight DEvelyn and all I have seen in recent times have been top notch and so I have to step to the plate my only mis-hearsay moment was tied to the YHF because I will always watch all fires to ensure its documentation is done proper so the world can properly assess it. Zonian, in my investigations I am seeing the lives of ranchers/farmers/loggers/miners being changed drastically by the tactics of the fire industry. Its very hard because I have grown to know air to ground operations and really watch so its very sad and makes my tummy turn when more homes are lost and more lives lost and more people having that traumatic feeling as my friend had lost her husband that May 2013 and went to CA to bury him and when she was headed home without her sweetie of almost 70 years she was told she could not go to Yarnell home (evacuation) and she eventually saw the home her husband made for her and everything in it gone forever. To then see Tenderfoot fire so near her next place and to see the data behind the scenes there it is just very heart wrenching. How about the couple who came home from church and took their nap to having their dog act crazy in his barks to wake them and when they finally awoke to let dog out they were trapped because their hallway was on fire and once they got out her panick made her husband drive into ditch due to road not visible due to heavy smoke and when he moved it all to the other vehicle and the explosion of the propane tank…I helped 483 direct after that fire and I can share all day then and where they are now. Zonian brings up a great point…Health…and these locations of dropping slurry drops which is a trade secret some ingredients and I already did that Zonian. I took WHERE the drops were placed and who are ill or died since the fire. I am watching. These slurry drops are no joke. Look at the fires and watch the effects from ground to air. It use to be hard on and early on suppression but get involved and really watch what is going on over the USA. I am not a disgruntled person. I have since 2011 been trailing and seeing what is happening and it is just sad. Right at this moment my retired fire warden friend is in the cannot reach him all lines are down in Utah…maybe more trauma has to happen before folks see I am not trouble nor the solution but just a housewife hiker who stands firm with some that change must happen…some even high military folks stand by my side as we continue to document. I do have HOPE change will happen. My prayers are with you facing this. I am dealing with private situation yet I am easy to reach via Google for any person who wants to have a private place to share that I am the one right person to share with..I don’t drop names…knew many in the Hollywood and government industry in my lifetime and always just knew why I knew who I did because I have been their private place. I have no agenda and no angles just was the eyewitness to YHF and Tenderfoot fire. Also, prayers to the men and women who are out in these extreme conditions and pray each one of you fight the fires and go home safe as well as all the people because there is the fire industry..the 1st responders…the volunteers…so many organizations…red cross was always good…I will look around for anyone who is displaced with no home or loved one is missing I will take time to help you because I know that emotion. I feel for the wildlife and pets who are smart enough to be safe but feel the ones who are not safe this hour. Please plan your evacuation process as a worst case scenario and leave with all that you can to start fresh if time happens such way and take your medications and important documents…God be with you all. I am watching. I was trying to find my cell the other day when so many BLM drove through Congress and I began my prayers right then. Social media is the best outlet for people facing this to share their stories. Some do not like to say they go there but they still even talk on fires on January 2017 blog area of Investigative Media. Wildfire today is an amazing tool to start in educating yourselves and if I see you in person I will show you other areas that are even better tools. So sorry to those without electric who need it for medical survival. Deep hugs to the ones wishing I wish someone would just hug me…you got it.

      1. So, how do you correlate the maps of the fire in just this article? Is Mayer to the west or the east of the crossing of AZ69? More burned on the north or the south side of AZ69? I do not care when the maps were posted. I would like to know time and date the map represents. Thee kinds of events have to do with reality. I live in the real world. Tell me the truth.

        1. John, above everything else, we strive for accuracy and truth at Wildfire Today.

          I’m sorry you were not able to determine when the data about the heat from the fire and/or the fire perimeter was collected. If you look below each map, the time is there. For example below the map at the top of this article it says:

          Above: 3-D map of the Goodwin Fire at 9 p.m. MDT June 27, 2017.

          That data was acquired and was current at 9 p.m. MDT June 27, 2017. If it is important for you to convert that time to the Standard, not Daylight Saving Time, that is used in 3/4 of Arizona, feel free.

          The next map down has the caption:

          Map of the Goodwin Fire at 9 p.m. MDT June 27, 2017.

          It is the same perimeter data as the first map, and was acquired at about 9 p.m. MDT, June 27, 2017.

          Almost all of the maps on Wildfire Today have captions that describe the date and time the imagery or data was acquired, if it is known.

          You said:

          More burned on the north or the south side of AZ69?

          State Highway 69 runs generally north and south. All of the fire so far, is on the west side of that highway, except for a finger of fire that crossed the highway just north of Mayer and ran to the northeast for two miles.

          You said:

          Is Mayer to the west or the east of the crossing of AZ69?

          I’m not sure what crossing you are referring to. Do you mean where the fire ran across Hwy. 69? Mayer is south of where the fire ran across the highway.

          1. I have been following Wildfire today since 2013 and you will not find a better spot to find up to data for your fires…Bill Gabbert is not just for the firefighting industry…he is here for everyone and if you take the time out you will learn a lot. Excellent place to go for data. If you want a live satellite imagery I can share its a software some do have but you will pay a pretty penny and it can take up to 45 date for some organization to get you that data…I just asked for a different fire and it was $3350 for one small live image or $594 hour to fly over in non dangerous areas for my area. Keep going to the home page of this site for updates or do as we all do Google Google Google social media and other areas for real time people’s accounts.

    2. So, the Gladiator fire was predominantly stopped on the northern end by previous prescribed fires near Battle Flats, a huge chunk of the eastern flank of the goodwin fire was stopped by the SA Hill managed fire from 2015 before it could move into Mayer, the Boundary fire a few weeks ago on the Coconino ran into last falls prescribed fire along highway 180, the wallow fire ran into numerous prescribed fire areas adjacent to the rim communities, the Highline fire on the Tonto this year ran into the Bear managed fire from a few weeks prior on the Coconino, the Slide fire in 2015 ran into numerous prescribed fires areas into Oak Creek Canyon and off the 525 road on top of the rim, and just last week a start on the Flagstaff Ranger District was inside a prescribed fire block from this spring that was just west of Fisher Point on a red flag day–crews picked it up at a 1/4 acre on what could have been a devastating fire that WOULD have ran into the middle of town..and this is just a few of the hundreds of wildfires a year that show the effectiveness of treatments…..prescribed fires are not only essential for forest health but they provide YOU the protection for when we get high intensity wildfires in the summer that otherwise would cause serious loss of property along with potential civilian and firefighter life…

  14. Prayers to all. My brother and sister in law live in Mayer and work at Bumble Bee Ranch. Stay safe everyone I know you want to take everything but please please stay safe.

  15. A good tracking source is ‘Wildfire Today’ online.

    I’m not going to comment about Peggy’s comment. We all are concerned about those that were and are directed affected and those that might be in the way.

  16. I live in Mayer and opted to remain in my home during the evacuation. No property in Mayer was burned. On tues. The fire crews did a great job spreading fire retardant which seems to have worked flawlessly. Thank God for the firefighters!

    1. So far we are okay in the country club. Big ash is falling with some smoke coming in. I pray it holds off and for the firefighters as there is not much containment this far.

  17. God Bless all of those fighting this terrible beast. I along with 3 others were there last night with a police escort in an attempt to move animals out. When we got to the location, the owner of the facility had managed to get all 30 animals out to safety despite the fact that none of his volunteers were allowed in to help once mandatory evacuation was issued. We watched as the fire glowed on the other side of the hill. Please pray for all of those brave souls fighting this, for those in its path, and for those animals that had to be left behind. Homes can be replaced, lives can not. Animal Disaster Services is on location at the evacuation center in Prescott Valley and can use volunteers, cages, food, etc. They can be found on the internet. And, to the person with the “complaint” – put a sock in it – glad you moved.

  18. Its amazing how well those air drops of retardant work. No doubt in my mind that helped keep
    the fire from overtaking Mayer.
    Kudos to the pilots.

  19. I use to live in Prescott. I have many Friends all around this area. Prayers that monsoons come soon! Please Lord watch over my Friends in Spring Valley and Mayer. Prayers to all the Hot Shots and Firefighters, who have dedicated their lives in helping people! Please!! Don’t forget to thank a Firefighter for their service!! They don’t get the respect, they so dearly deserve!!

    1. That is correct, EoGuy, that portion of Arizona does not use Daylight Saving Time. But the time stamps we use are correct. I’m sure, if you’re from Arizona, you are used to doing the conversion. The residents in the rest of the United States will not have to and it’s less confusing for them.

  20. My family and I live in Yarnell. We know your fear and pain. Our prayers are with you .

  21. I grew up in Mayer and I’m so sad to hear of this. Praying for Mayer and everyone dealing with this horrible fire. ❤️❤️❤️

  22. I don’t think anyone outside of Mayer would complain if the utter trash and tin huts of Mayer were burned up. I hope everyone is safe, but the town itself is quite a disaster and it’s pretty clear that many who live there don’t care about their property in the first place. Here’s to new beginnings and a clean slate.

    1. Shame on you, some, most, of those homes and properties are all the residents of beautiful Mayer, have in the whole world. Worked their lives to get them and hand them down to their children. They are hard working, intuitive, people who have spent their entire lives in the same “one horse” town. I called Cordes home for many years, my children were in the Mayer school district, my friends so close to my family that they have become family, have been displaced, some of which HAVE LOST their HOMES at this point. And no news feed can express that, not too anyone. My mother lost her home in the Yarnell fire a few years ago as well. It’s indescribable to go back to your once was home to see the destruction left behind from a fire.
      But I’m sure you’re doing just fine sitting in a home someone else built, prudently paying your rent every month for someone else’s pocket who also don’t care about the house you reside in…And your biggest complaint currently is the heat. Good job, you an embarrassment to humanity.
      God bless the wonderful people in Mayer, Dewy-Humbolt, my heart aches for you all❤

  23. Prayers to everyone affected by this devastating fire. It must be very difficult to immediately upend your life to evacuate. Prayers for all of the animals and livestock that need help. This is a sad day. Hopefully the structures are saved and all of displaced people can return to the safety of their own homes soon.

    The best we can offer on the sidelines is our genuine and heartfelt prayers. My heart goes out to all.

  24. I moved from Prescott to Alabama a yr ago. So sad to see this. I have friends all along 69 area and south of Prescott. Prayers for an abundance of rain asap, and no lightning! Prayers for safety and quick success for all involved in this fight, and for those in the path of this fire.

  25. Wow what Venom you do spill you have no idea what you are talking about sounds like a personal Vendetta to me. How many firefighters do you think have lost their lives and they’re good health to keep you safe? Until you know the real truth don’t let your imagination run away from you

  26. It’s time for the US to establish a National Firefighting Air Force unit… we can spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year elsewhere, but a DC-10 Air Tanker (released in 2006) costs $5M per year to lease… for $1B/yr you could lease 200 of these and have them roam around the United States putting an immediate stop to fires… let’s guess another $1B/yr for operational costs, and we’d be saving money compared to the loss of property, life, habitats, and cost of ground-force firefighting that takes a long time to get under control. Can’t someone get this idea off the ground?!

    1. Great idea … would be wonderful if our country could come together on something like this – maybe open the door for other “cross the aisle” agreements.

  27. Mayer is not inclusive of just 1 trailer park by the highway and a circle k. There are wonderful ranches, homes, and some of the nicest people you could ever wish to know there. When this is all over you should get up off your computer and look around and while your there, help rebuild what has been lost.

  28. What are the chances of this fire reaching camp Verde? I’ve been seeing the smoke build in size and intensity for the past day as well as watching ash fall everywhere. I hope everyone is safe and my prayers go out to Everyone out there in mayer

  29. Love, light, and prayers to all that are dealing with this fire. I lived three years ago about and have friends in prescott valley.

  30. Folks, just ignore inappropriate comments. Responding to them just exacerbates the problem. And, in a way, maybe I’m also adding to it by responding to the responses. LOL.

    All the best to our firefighters and residents!

  31. This is very depressing. It looks like Grapevine Creek, Crystal Springs, and other beautiful places on the south side of Big Bug are now burned or about to be. This blaze was caused by people, apparently originating at the road intersection, and during a fire ban no less. I have seen plenty of unattended campfires in my time and I can only conclude that people are just plain stupid. Four years ago as the Doce fire approached our family home I remember feeling angry. I am angry now! I’m sure others are feeling this way too. 🙁

  32. Thank you for your posting of this extremely helpful map showing the approx boundaries of this fire. The inciweb map on that site has some sort of bad link to their maps so the loading fails mid-display every time – a link fail that has been going on for weeks with other fires in the area and not yet been fixed. They know enough about the link problem to put up a note that it doesn’t work, yet haven’t done the work to get it fixed. So, your efforts are much appreciated. We can see the general situation at a glance instead of trying to make sense of a list of roads and boundary markers.

  33. Angels please wrap your protective wings around all our
    firefighters and Hot Shots protecting our citizens and homes. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Prayers for all involved!

  34. Have just received word that some properties (small ranches) have been lost to Goodwin fire. Is anyone able to confirm this? Thank you.

  35. It would help if I said “small ranch” in Dewey.

    Thanks, again, for understanding!

    Prayers and positive thinking for all affected by this fire continue.

  36. Alice and Tim, I second that! We all need to keep the men and women, fighting to get this fire out, in our prayers until all can return home. They put their lives on the line, that’s the number one issue now!!

  37. Does anyone know how far “west” this has gone? Has it hit Breezy Pines? 5 points? Upper Big Bug Mesa rd. I only seem to find info on how its heading east (Dewey/Mayer)…..but it still is going west… far?!?

  38. God Bless the beautiful town of mayer, her residence, and all those wonderful people trying to save her. I live in Cordes and I love Mayer and am proud to live in the area. I moved here from Phoenix and plan to live out the rest of my life here. God save Mayer please.

  39. Does anyone know where the road closure is located on 69? Passing through. Bless and protect all the fire fighters and citizens affected by this terrible fire. Stay safe.

    1. State Highway 69 is closed from Central Avenue in Mayer north to the Hwy 169 Junction, according to the Incident Management Team this morning.

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