Thieves steal equipment from firefighters busy fighting a wildfire

It happened on the Milepost 97 Fire in southwest Oregon

stolen trailer firefighters
Trailer that was apparently stolen from the Douglas Forest Protective Association July 27, 2019.

Some lowlife stole a trailer and its contents from firefighters that were working on the Milepost 97 Fire near Canyonville, Oregon Friday night.

“Apparently someone needed our cargo trailer and the firefighting equipment inside it more than we did and helped themselves to it last night,” Douglas Forest Protective Association firefighters wrote on Saturday. “This trailer was being used on the Milepost 97 Fire. If you see this trailer, please contact the Oregon State Police.”

The VIN number for the trailer is 16HCB10185U041439.

Anyone with information about the trailer should call the Oregon State Police at 800-442-2068, or 911.

stolen trailer firefighters
Information about the trailer that was apparently stolen from the Douglas Forest Protective Association July 27, 2019.

Our Take:

It’s loathsome to steal. But it is despicable to take the equipment of firefighters who are distracted while they are trying to protect all of us, and busting their asses battling a dangerous wildfire . When caught and convicted, they deserve the maximum penalty allowed under the law.

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Author: Bill Gabbert

After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Google+

10 thoughts on “Thieves steal equipment from firefighters busy fighting a wildfire”

  1. What a shame .Hope they never need a firefighter. People like that don’t deserve help.

  2. Wildfire fighters could from all over to risk their lives to fight these fires. Stealing needed equipment from these men and women is unthinkable. This is not petty theft. The FBI should be involved and the guilty should end up on federal prison work crews. This is the definition of a sinful act.

  3. Sometimes “maximum penalty under the law” isn’t enough. Anyone who would do this is better removed from society immediately and permanently, as in summary execution.

    1. Sad, but maybe we needed a voluntary security crew to patrol the staging area 24/7. I’m 68 years old and couldn’t possibly fight the fire, but a few of us with flashlights and bright vests might deter the criminal element. A visible presence might help. Just a thought.

  4. I’ve had firefighting gear stolen from the station, and on the fire scene. If you search online using terms like “stolen from firefighters”, etc. you’ll see it’s becoming more commonplace. These are the same uncaring criminals who steal kid’s sports equipment, band trailers, and the like.

    Theft prevention of Fire assets must be a very high priority, everywhere; from making it harder for would-be thieves by means including use of locks/chains/cables/alarms, on-site (human) security and cameras, permanent marking and photographing, and installing inexpensive GPS locators on gear and equipment.

    Include mandatory sentencing for offenders.

  5. 2005 we had our firefighting utvs taken from behind our truck as we slept in a motel. We came out right as they got done hooking up to the trailer and they tried to run one of our guys over that tried to stop them.

    1. Turns out these nozzles were first posted a month ago and merely RE-posted a few hours after the theft. Although I read the Craigslist tools category about 90% of days, I missed this the first time around. My apologies if I inconvenienced the seller.

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